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Song Lyrics Captions For Instagram

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Best Song Lyrics Captions

  1. “War, children, it’s just a shot away/ It’s just a shot away” – Rolling Stones – “Gimme Shelter”
  2. “There’s so much beauty around us, but just two eyes to see but everywhere I go, I’m looking.” Here in America – “Rich Mullins”
  3. “Take a sad song, and make it better” – The beatles “hey jude”
  4. “Didn’t they tell you I was a savage?” – Rihanna, “Needed Me”
  5. “And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while” – Bruno Mars, “Just the Way You Are”
  6. “There is another world there is a better world there must be.” – Asleep – “The Smiths”
  7. “Take me to your heart, for it’s there that I belong.” – Elvis Presley, “Love Me Tender”“They heard me singing and they told me to stop/ Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock.”- Arcade Fire – “Sprawl II Mountains Beyond Mountains”
  8. “I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is while you’re in the world.” – Elton John, “Your Song”
  9. “She’s well-acquainted with the touch of a velvet hand like a lizard on a windowpane.” – Happiness is a Warm Gun “ The Beatles”
  10. “At last…my love has come along. My lonely days are over. And life is like a song.” – Etta James, “At Last”

Song Lyrics captions for Instagram

  1. I’ve forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet. -Adele
  2. “You fill my life with laughter, and somehow you make it better… Ease my troubles, that’s what you do.” – Rod Stewart, “Have I Told You Lately”
  3. “Maybe you’ll find life is unkind and over so soon there is no golden gate, there’s no heaven waiting for you.” – Perfect Symmetry “Keane”
  4. “Beating out of my chest, my heart is holding onto you… From the moment I knew, from the moment I knew.” – Sara Bareilles, “The Light”
  5. “Lover, please do not/ Fall to your knees/ It’s not like I believe in/ Everlasting love.” – Laura Marling – “Ghosts”
  6. “I can hear her heartbeat for a thousand miles, and the heavens open every time she smiles” – Van Morrison, “Crazy Love”
  7. “Got to be good-looking ‘cause he’s so hard to see.” – Come Together, “The Beatles”
  8. “Oh, what a world… And then there is you.” – Kacey Musgraves, “Oh What a World”
  9. “There are many things I’d like to say to you but I don’t know how.” – Oasis, “Wonderwall”
  10. “Here, making each day of the year, changing my life with a wave of her hand. Nobody can deny that there’s something there” – The Beatles, “Here, There, and Everywhere”

Best Lyrics Captions

song lyrics captions for instagram

  1. “They will never forget you till somebody new comes along.” -New Kid in Town “ THE eagles”
  2. “All your insecurities, all the dirty laundry never made me blink one time.” – Katy Perry, “Unconditionally”
  3. “An end fitting for the start/ You twist and tore our love apart.”- The Libertines – “Can’t Stand Me Now”
  4. “Like a song of love that clings to me, how the thought of you does things to me… Never before has someone been more unforgettable.” – Nat King Cole, “Unforgettable”
  5. “Now and then I’m wishing I’d never let you let me disappear.” – Blue Skies “JayMay”
  6. “You’ve been my inspiration. Through the lies you were the truth. My world is a better place because of you.” – Celine Dion, “Because You Loved Me”
  7. “I don’t want to be heard, I want to be listened to.” – Twenty One Pilots, “Forest”
  8. “You’re still the one I run to, the one that I belong to. You’re still the one I want for life.” – Shania Twain, “Still the One”
  9. “Slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball.” – Champagne Supernova “Oasis”
  10. “And where was I before the day that I first saw your lovely face? Now I see it every day… And I know that I am, I am, I am the luckiest.” – Ben Folds, “The Luckiest”

Best lyrics captions for Instagram

  1. “At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet/ And a freight train running through the/ Middle of my head / Only you can cool my desire.” -Bruce Springsteen – “I’m On Fire”
  2. “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” —Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”
  3. “Climb on your tears and be silent like a rose on its ladder of thorns.”  – The Window “Leonard Cohen”
  4. “Got my Ray-Bans on and I’m feeling hella cool tonight.” —Rihanna, “Cheers (Drink to That)”
  5. “And you could have it all/ My empire of dirt/ I will let you down/ I will make you hurt.”- nine inch nails, “hurt”
  6. “I wanna savor, save it for later” —Ariana Grande, “Dangerous Woman”
  7. “When I look at the television I want to see me staring right back at me.”  – Mr. Jones “Counting Crows”
  8. “All of me loves all of you,” —John Legend, “All of Me”
  9. “I’m just feelin’ my vibe right now. I’m feelin’ myself.” – Desiigner, “Panda”
  10. “It’s much less picturesque without her catching the light. The horizon tries but it’s just not as kind on the eyes.”-  Arabella, Arctic Monkeys

Badass lyrics For Instagram

  1. “Take my number down, I just might hit you.” —Lauren Jauregui, “More Than This”
  2. “You don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart.” – Scars to Your Beautiful, Alessia Cara
  3. “You don’t need to worry about making me crazy because I’m way past that.” – Tattooed Heart, Ariana Grande
  4. “I loved you in secret. First sight, yeah, we love without reason.” — “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”
  5. “I’d rather crash, I’d rather crawl than never have your love at all.” – Risk It All, The Vamps 
  6. “I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me” – “New Romantics”
  7. “First things first, I don’t want to be forgotten. Even worse, I don’t want to be alone.” – No Grey,The Neighbourhood
  8. “Pop pop, it’s show time! Show time! Guess who’s back again?” — Bruno Mars “24k Magic”

Rap lyrics captions

rap lyrics captions for instagram

  1. Snoop Dogg – “Gin and Juice” -“Rollin’ down the street, smokin’ indo, sippin’ on gin an juice/Lay back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.”
  2. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Poetic Justice’ -“If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?”
  3. Ice Cube – ‘A Bird in the Hand’ -“A bird in the hand is worth more than a Bush.”
  4. Wale – “Is There Any Love?” -“You niggas so-so like a seamstress.”
  5.  Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – ‘It Takes Two’-“Right about now you are about to be possessed.”
  6. Run-D.M.C. – ‘My Adidas’-“My Adidas walk through concert doors and roam all over coliseum floors.”
  7.  Lauryn Hill – “Zealots” -“And even after all my logic and my theory/I add a “Motherfucker” so you ignorant niggas hear me.”
  8. Shad – ‘I Don’t Like To’-“Y’all cowards couldn’t rap this dope with a Zig-Zag.”
  9. Audio Two – ‘Top Billin’-”Milk is chillin’, Gizmo’s chillin’ what more can I say? Top billin’!”
  10. Salt-N-Pepa – ‘Push It’-“Can’t you hear the music’s pumpin’ hard like I wish you would? now push it push it good push it real good.”

Rap lyrics captions for Instagram

  1.  K’naan – “Strugglin'” – “My life owes me. Like an overdose, I’m slowly/Drifting into the arms of trouble, then trouble holds me”
  2. The Notorious B.I.G. – ‘Friend of Mine’ -“You know that ain’t right, with a friend of mine.”
  3. J. Cole – ‘Hold It Down’ – “Lately it’s been hard to tell my friends part from my enemies.”
  4. J. Cole – “Villematic” -“You hate it before you played it. I already forgave ya.”
  5. 2pac – ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ -“You know it’s funny when it rains it pours they got money for wars, but can’t feed the poor.”
  6. Mos Def, Black Star – ‘Thieves in the Night’ – “I’m trying to live life in the sight of God’s memory like that y’all.”
  7. Prodigy – “Shook Ones (Pt. II)” -“For all of those who wanna profile and pose/Rock you in your face, stab your brain with your nose bone.”
  8. Black Star – ‘K.O.S.’ – “At exactly which point do you start to realise, that life without knowledge is death in disguise?”
  9. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Love’ -“I wanna be with (just love me, just love).”
  10. Jay Electronica – “The Pledge” -“The radio is just a stereo like a house ain’t a home.”

Rap lyrics captions for boys

  1. Gang Starr – ‘Family and Loyalty’-“Diamonds are forever like family and loyalty.”
  2. Kid Cudi – ‘Brothers’ – “In tune with the family i do got the ones that do know Scott.”
  3. Ice Cube – “A Bird in the Hand” -“A bird in the hand is worth more than a Bush.”
  4. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Money Trees’ – “Money trees is the perfect place for shade and that’s just how I feel.”
  5. Sean Combs – ‘It’s All About the Benjamins’ – “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.”
  6.  Kendrick Lamar – “HiiiPower” -“The sky is falling, the wind is calling/Stand for something, or die in the morning”
  7. Lil Wayne – ‘Money on My Mind’ – “Money money on my mind so money is all I think of.”
  8. Kanye West – ‘Gold Digger’ – “She take my money when I’m in need yeah, she’s a triflin’ friend indeed Oh, she’s a gold digger way over town, that digs on me.”
  9. 2Pac – “Hail Mary” -“I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me/Revenge is like the sweetest joy, next to getting pussy.”
  10. Notorious B.I.G. – “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)” -“You’re nobody ’til somebody kills you.”

Drake Lyrics Captions

  1. “You only live once”
  2.  “I like it when money makes a difference but don’t make you different”
  3. “Twenty-four-hour champagne diet”
  4. “I need someone that’ll help me think of someone…
  5. “Make the most out of tonight, and worry ’bout it all tomorrow”
  6. “How could something so familiar be so strange?”
  7. “I’m just saying you could do better”
  8. “Can I take you home? Or come to where you stay? 
  9. “Pray the real live forever man, pray the fakes get exposed”
  10.  “When the party’s over just don’t forget me, I’ll change the pace

Drake lyrics captions for instagram

  1. “Every time you see me I look like I hit the lotto twice”
  2. “I know you still think about the times we had”
  3. “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on”
  4. “We coulda worked it out but I guess things change…
  5. “I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known”
  6. “I want your hot love and emotion endlessly”
  7. “Nobody really likes us except for us”
  8. “I’m just saying you could do better”
  9. “I still ride with my day one”
  10. “Cry if you need to, but I can’t stay to watch you”

Best drake lyrics captions for Instagram

drake lyrics captions for instagram

  1. Country songs lyrics captions for instagram
  2. “I can make anybody pretty / I can make you believe any lie” – brad paisley, “Alcohol”
  3. “Just stay on track and never look back.” – Dolly Parton “Blue Smoke”
  4. “If palm tree shade makes a perfect tent, then wasted time is time well spent.” — Brett Eldredge
  5.  “I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime.” – Luke Bryan “Drunk On You”
  6. “Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore / He said, ‘Daddy, what are all those XXXs for?'” – reba Mc entire ,”What Do You Say”
  7. “Wherever I go, whatever I do, I was born to love you.” – LANCO “Born To Love You”
  8. “I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks. I believe most people are good.” — Luke Bryan
  9.  “A goodbye kiss is all I need from you” – George Strait “Carrying Your Love With Me
  10. Becky was a beauty from South Alabama / Her daddy had a heart like a nine-pound hammer” – dierks bentley “ what was i think in”

Popular Drake lyrics captions

  1. “I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks” – Little Big Town “Boondocks”
  2. “Just stay on track and never look back.” — Dolly Parton
  3. “You never know that’s going to happen. You make your plans and you hear God laughing.” – Thomas Rhett “LifeChanges
  4. “He had plastic bags wrapped ’round his shoes / He was covered with the evening news” – Craig morgan “Almost Home”
  5. “Cutting up the floor in a sorority t-shirt.” – Dan + Shay “Tequila
  6. “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.” — Billy Currington
  7. “Life can be an ol’ briar patch, gotta dance your way through it sometimes.” — Thomas Rhett
  8. “I said, ‘Grandpa, what’s this picture here? / It’s all black and white and ain’t real clear'” – Jamey johnson,”In Color”
  9. “I believe this world ain’t half as bad as it looks. I believe most people are good.” — Luke Bryan
  10. “You never know what’s gonna happen. You make your plans and you hear god laughing.” — Thomas Rhet

Classy Song Lyrics Captions

  1. “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.” — Billy Currington
  2. Well I’m an eight ball-shooting, double-fisted-drinking son of a gun” – Gretchen Wilson, “Here for the Party”
  3. “Remember when thirty seemed so old? Now lookin’ back, it’s just a steppin’ stone to where we are, where we’ve been.” — Alan Jackson
  4. “This is a drop everything kind of thing.” — Luke Bryan
  5. “Let’s make each tomorrow be the best that it can be.” — George Strait
  6. “Hello, walls / How’d things go for you today?” – Hellow walls, “faron Young” 
  7. “Shoulda learned from the movies that good guys don’t run away.” — Kacey Musgraves
  8. “I hate love songs, but I love you.” — Kelsea Ballerini
  9. “We locked eyes over whiskey on ice.” — Luke Combs
  10. “He said, ‘I’ll love you ’til I die” – george jones, “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

Classy song lyrics captions for Instagram

  1. “Baby, it just took one look at you for me to change my one drink order to two.” — Cole Swindell
  2. “Baby, it just took one look at you for me to change my one drink order to two.” — Cole Swindell
  3. “We’re gonna do what lovers do, we’re gonna have a fight or two, but I ain’t ever changin’ my mind.” — Eli Young Band
  4. “Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots” – Garth Brooks, “Friends in Low Places”
  5. “She said, ‘I bet you don’t remember me.’ I said, ‘Only every other memory.'” — Tim McGraw
  6. “The only two things in life that make it worth livin’ / Is guitars that tune good and firm-feelin’ women”  Waylon Jennings,”Luckenbach, Texas”
  7. “She said, ‘I bet you don’t remember me.’ I said, ‘Only every other memory.'” — Tim McGraw

Lyrics Captions for Selfies

  1. “Feeling indigo. How ’bout you?”-“Solo” by The Story So Far
  2. “Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.” – Brad Paisley, “Perfect Storm”
  3. And I wonder if I ever cross your mind. For me, it happens all the time.”– Lady Antebellum, “Need you Now”
  4. “Would your heart know if I met you in a brand new set of bones?”-“Same Soul” by PVRIS
  5. “They say good things come to those who wait, so imma be at least an hour late.” – Kanye West, “Start It Up”
  6. “I wear my crown, show it off, go on, girl.” –  Kelly Rowland, ‘Crown’
  7. “Love me or hate me, i swear it won’t make or break me.” ― Lil Wayne “Love Me or Hate Me”
  8. “Some men don’t dare to speak her name.”-“Serpents” by Neck Deep
  9. “Find me where the wild things are.” – Alessia Cara, “Wild Things”
  10. “If I was you, I’d wanna be me too.” Meghan Trainor, “Me Too”

Selfie lyrics captions for Instagram

lyrics captions for instagram

  1. “Green and blue, eyes on you.” – Seaway, “Lula on the Beach”
  2. “I love making you believe what you get is what you see.”-“Fake Happy” by Paramore
  3. “I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me.” —Selena Gomez, “Who Says”
  4. “Some men don’t dare to speak his name.” – Neck Deep, “Serpents
  5. “I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin.”– Nicki Minaj
  6. I don’t wanna waste no time all alone. Want somewhere to go.”-“New Love” by Dua Lipa
  7. “I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I’ve ever known.”– Drake, “Over”
  8. “Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up.” – Fat Joe
  9. “And this is the part where you find out who you are.”-“Whoever She Is” by The Maine

Selfie lyrics Captions for photos

  1. “The one that speaks the loudest always knows the least.”-“Chemical” by Trophy Eyes
  2. Ariana grande lyrics captions
  3. “Tonight, I’m a baller, babe.”— Ariana Grande, “Successful”
  4. “Yeah, look at you, boy, I invented you” – ‘in my head’
  5. But if I can’t be me, then fuck’s the point?
  6. “You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it” – ‘7 rings’
  7. “I used to let some people tell me how to love and what to be.”– Ariana Grande, “I Don’t Care”
  8. “One taught me love, one taught me patience, and one taught me pain, now, I’m so amazing” – ‘7 rings’
  9. Don’t get mad at me cause you’ve been replaced, know your place.
  10. “Love how my face fits so good in your neck” – ‘imagine’

Edgy lyrics Captions

  1. . Keep your hands on me, don’t take them off until I say so.
  2. “It’s a mood, it’s a vibe, it’s a look, it’s a match” – ‘make up’
  3. You give me that kinda something. Want it all the time, need it every day.
  4. “I saw your potential without seein’ credentials” – ‘in my head’
  5. Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily.
  6. “Say I’m trippin’ and it ain’t right but you without me ain’t nice” – ‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’
  7. You don’t get what’s mine, and I’m doing fine.
  8. “Fuck a fake smile” – ‘fake smile’
  9. I could have been a mess but I never went wrong.
  10. “If you were anybody else, probably wouldn’t last a day” – ‘ghostin’

Edgy lyrics captions for Instagram

  1. Now that I’ve become who I really are.
  2. “I ain’t lookin’ for my one true love, yeah, that ship sailed away” – ‘bloodline’
  3. “I’m so fuckin’ grateful for my ex” – ‘thank u, next’
  4. “I think you will find/When your death takes its toll/All the money you made/Will never buy back your soul” – bob dylan “ masters of war”

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