15 Tips to Kids Birthday party ideas – To have a successful party

Planning a kid’s birthday party seems very easy at the beginning. But if you start to plan without any guidance then it will be more difficult to organize a kid’s birthday party.

The reason is simple: As a parent, everyone wants to celebrate the best party in town. so it will become like a game of chess because if you find one idea then after some time you may change your existing birthday idea to another so as a result you are not only changing the birthday idea you also going to lose your precious time.

Because finding a unique idea to celebrate a birthday party will take at least one hour of research so as a parent this will be your first problem in this blog I will tell you how to organize a successful birthday party for your kids

Kids Birthday party Budget

kids birthday party budget planning to have an sucessful birthday party

This is the first step which is mandatory for a successful birthday party. Because as a parent we all wants to celebrate the best party so as a result, we will not think about the budget due to this we will win the birthday party but we may spend more money than needed.

so if you want a successful and happy birthday party as a parent we all must know how to plan the budget for the birthday party. Confused about how to to put the budget don’t worry I will tell you the items and things needed for the successful party you can put the budget according to that list

  1. Budget for kids Birthday Venue
  2. Budget for kids birthday invitations
  3. Budget for kids birthday foods
  4. Budget for kids birthday costumes
  5. Budget for kids return gifts
  6. Budget for kids birthday decoration
  7. Budget for kids birthday photography
  8. Budget for kids videography
  9. Budget for kids birthday host
  10. Budget for kids birthday activities
  11. Budget for kids entertainment

These are the simple steps involved to have a successful kid’s birthday party.so put your budget according to your needs

When to plan the budget

Usually, you have to put the budget at least before 6-8 weeks before the date of the event. since this is going to be the first step you must put the budget first. because sometimes you may not get the desired venue on that date or any other things may happen.

which will cause more money than your budget so if you have enough time you can redo the list but in case if you put the budget very closer to the date of the event then you may lose money.

Venue for kids birthday party

kids birthday party ideas to choose the correct venue

The next step in the kid’s birthday party is choosing the venue. because this is the place you and your guests are going to spend your time so as a parent you must choose the correct venue to celebrate the birthday party.

There are some things you have to check before booking the venue

  1. Choose the venue nearer to your home for kids birthday party
  2. Before booking, don’t forget to guess the number of guests
  3. Ask them about the electricity source sometimes you have to arrange externally
  4. Check the hall interiors and lighting arrangements.
  5. Don’t forget to check the size of the stage
  6. Ask them about their terms and conditions
  7. Ask them about the refund policy

Last but not least ASK them to give you the hall or venue at least before three hours which will be more helpful while doing the decorations and don’t forget to ask them about their venue bookings on the date of your party.

This will be helpful for you to finish your birthday party before the other party booked by some other don’t forget this because as an event organizer this is the problem that we are facing from the venue side so before booking tell them clearly about your party timings.

The theme for kids birthday party

After booking the venue the other thing you have to do is choosing the correct birthday theme. The birthday theme is more important because all your other things are going to be based on this theme only.

By depending on your theme only the next steps in the planning have to be done that is from your invitation to your decoration.so choosing the correct theme is very important you can take the time you need before choosing the theme .because once if you selected your theme then you must not change it,

if you do so you have to repeat the steps from scratch so choose the perfect theme for your kids birthday party.

When to book the Birthday party Venue

You have to book the venue at least before 4 – 6 weeks before the date of the event if you don’t do that then you may not get your desired venue, as a result, you may have to book the venue far away from your home, so in order to avoid that book the venue as soon as possible after putting the budget.

Kids birthday party invitations

kids birthday part ideas to celebrate an awesome party

After deciding the theme the next step you have to do is designing the birthday invitation since you already decided about the birthday party theme now it will be simple for you to decide the birthday invitation

While choosing the invitation you have to decide about the type of invitation you need.there are two types of invitation they are: traditional invitation and the other one is the e-invitations

The traditional invitation method is like printing the invitation after correcting the mistakes. You can distribute the invitation to your guests on your own or you can send it via the post. The traditional invitation will build a strong relationship between your guests and you.

The e-invitation or the digital invitation. The main advantage of this type of invitation is you can send them through WhatsApp or emails or through any digital ways which will be more helpful for you to save your time.

How to design the invitations

There are many free websites are available on the internet for these purposes

The best free website for your simple birthday invitation design is the canva.com

In this site, you can personalize your own birthday invitations

When to design the birthday party invitations

Usually, you must finish your invitation designing before 3 – 4 weeks before the date of the event if you are planning to give the traditional invitations then you must finish it before the 4 weeks.this is because if you decided to give the invitation on your own then it will take at least one week for the complete distribution of your invitation.

If you planned for the e-invitations you can send it through the WhatsApp or through emails

And don’t forget to send a reminder mail about your kids birthday function

Invite Guests for kids birthday party

After designing the invitation the next thing that we have to do is our guests list because this is where a lot of us make mistakes so before sending the invitations please double check your guest list.

And don’t invite so many peoples for the party more than the hall capacity always keep it in your mind.and the next things while inviting guests both mom and dad must take some personal care. because you must not leave anyone from your friends and family list so before sending the invitations always double-check your lists.

I will give you some simple ideas to prepare the list

  1. First start to invite guests belongs to your family
  2. Invite your school and college mates
  3. Invite your colleagues
  4. Invite your friends
  5. Invite your neighbors
  6. If you are an entrepreneur invite your staffs and business partners
  7. Invite your family friends

Do these steps for both the mom and father sides of the birthday kid.

How many guests you can invite

You can invite guests according to your budget and the size of the venue you booked.

Foods for kids birthday party

kids birthday party food arrangements to celebrate your kids birthday party

The next big step is choosing the right food for your kid’s birthday party. while choosing the food always remember about the number of kids and adults at your party.plan your foods according to that.

While planning for the food try to avoid foods which are allergic to many peoples

You may plan your kids birthday anywhere but while planning for foods follow the instructions below

  1. Choose your foods according to the season
  2. Try to add some local foods
  3. Welcome your guest with the welcome drinks
  4. Arrange some snacks for your guests
  5. Arrange both the vegetarian and nonvegetarian foods
  6. Make sure to add labels about each recipe
  7. Offer some low-calorie foods as well

Tips to save money

If you arrange the foods based on the number of plates then before serving the dishes go and check the number of plates and like that ask frequently about the number of plates because as an event organizer I have seen many of my clients have found these scam done by the hotel or the food caterers so be aware of these scam.

The next big step to do is always taste the food before serving it to your guests which is very important for you as a parent.

Kids birthday decoration

kids birthday decoration based on themes

This is a big thing that you have to do must and this the place where a lot of us waste more money and time. because to decorate many of us will buy many things which we don’t know how to use or to use one 2$ object we have to buy another 10$ machine so try to avoid these things.

In this stage of planning, you have to plan for all your decoration needs ie anything from balloons to cake toppers all are came under this category so while choosing the required item to try to buy the items that are helpful for your theme

If you are planning a Frozen-themed birthday party then all the things for the decoration must have that character on it or you have to build an ambiance like snow if you can’t find the exact items then you have to buy the products according to the color of that theme

We can easily do the decorations with the help of decorators but if you don’t have enough budget or you want it to do on your own then you are welcomed to the world of confusion but don’t worry I will tell you about the decoration steps that we are doing.

  1. The first step is selecting the theme for your birthday party
  2. Go shopping to buy the items you need
  3. Plan for your entrance decoration
  4. Plan for your hall decorations with balloons and hangings
  5. Plan for your backdrop decorations
  6. Plan your decorations for the tables and chairs
  7. Plan your decorations for your cake table
  8. Plan for your kids birthday banner
  9. Plan your return gifts
  10. Design and place the birthday wish board according to your theme

These are the place where the decorations are needed if you have the very short time then don’t waste it by searching the decorations on your own.because as a normal parent for your kid you have to spend at least two days to figure out your final decorations.

so my advice for the normal parents is finding some good event organizers and ask them about their sample decoration photos which will give you an overall idea about the decoration.

When to plan for kid’s birthday decorations?

Actually you have to plan the needs of your decoration at least 3 – 4 weeks before the event because you may not get some stuff for your kid’s birthday party. so in order to purchase some items you may need extra time.this is why we must finish the planning and buying the decoration items at least before two weeks is very important

Return gifts for your kids birthday party

Everyone loves the gift so in order to make the kids of your friends and family happy you must provide the return gifts.to plan a successful birthday we must plan every simple thing in your party so in that list the return gifts play a major role

While gift others try to add some personalization in it (ie) add the name of the kid to whom you are going to gift it if you cannot personalize each and every gift then buy a theme-based paper bag and design a theme-based label.in that label just write the name of the kid to whom you are going to gift it this will make them happy.

Some of the most common return gifts for kids are cartoon erasers, cartoon pencils, pouches, coloring books, sketch pens, craft books, etc..,

If you are planning to give the return gifts for adults then you can buy the gifts according to their jobs, hobbies, or interests, etc.., this will really make your kid’s birthday party as a rememberable for them.

When to buy the return gifts

We must finish all kinds of these purchases at least 3 – 4 weeks before the date of the event to avoid the last-minute tension.

Kid’s birthday photography and videography.

The above steps will help you to celebrate a flawless birthday party. but at the same time to make it a successful birthday party the photography plays a major role. The capturing of your event by means of both videos and photos is very important.

While choosing to take the photographs and videos don’t do this on your own because as a father or mother of a birthday child. you must be there to welcome your guests and to supervise the party so renting a photographer and videographer is always the best choice

Due to the low budget if you willing to do on your own then give your camera to your friends are family members don’t take photos on your own. because it’s your party so you must try to enjoy it if you decided to take the photos and videos on your own then you may be not seen in your kid’s birthday party

Kids birthday costume

The costume for the birthday is like the jewel in the crown. Because every one of your friends and family will be waiting to see their prince or princess at the birthday party. So the costume is very important before choosing the costume, try to use the same birthday theme colors in the dress.

When to buy the birthday dress

kids birthday party costume selection

We recommend buying the dress after choosing your birthday theme because if you can’t find the exact dress in the shops then you can order the birthday dress for your kid online which will require some time so you must buy the birthday dress after choosing the required birthday theme.

Kids birthday cake

Everybody loves the cake very much so choosing the right cake is like choosing the crown for your child. The birthday cake must fulfill your desire by means of both visual and taste-wise. before buying the birthday cake keep the below things in your mind to have a successful party

  1. Choose your birthday cake according to the birthday theme.
  2. Handle the cake properly while transporting
  3. Order enough cake for all your guests
  4. Don’t forget to decorate the cake table

Kids birthday activities

activities for kids in birthday to celebrate with friends

The birthday activities will keep the children busy at the birthday party. The birthday activities are not only for kids, but it will also help the adults to know about their child’s creativity. So while choosing the birthday activities try to choose the activities that will bring the best from the kids. There are various birthday activities are there but I will tell you some of the best activities for the birthday party

  1. Coloring the books
  2. Decorating the cupcakes
  3. Teaching simple drawings with the help of artist
  4. Teaching simple balloon tricks with the help of artist
  5. Teaching origami with the help of artist
  6. Arranging a stall to decorate their own jewelry with beads etc…,

These are some simple birthday activity ideas for your kids birthday party


While arranging for these kinds of activities always try to make the activities which can be completed with the help of their parents.this will entertain both the kids and the guests and at the same time don’t forget to buy the gifts for the winners of the activities

Kids birthday games

kids birthday games to celebrate happily with their friends and family

Kids birthday party games will be a great time killer for both the guests and the kids so while choosing the birthday games to try to choose it according to your theme for example if your theme is the Disney frozen and if you are planning for the ring toss then stick

some frozen character stickers in it this will look really cool and don’t forget to put the name for that game according to that theme like ring the Olaf or ring the snowy mountain like that if you plan your birthday games like this it will look different from many other ordinary birthday parties

Some of the common kids birthday games are

  1. Bubble Wrap Race
  2. Scavenger Hunt
  3. Balloon Burst
  4. Origami boat race
  5. Tag race
  6. Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
  7. Musical Chairs
  8. musical statues
  9. Balloon Pop. etc..,

These are some simple kids birthday games to make your event a successful one. 

Entertainment in kids birthday party

More than the games and activity the other things that you can do in your event is giving the entertainment for the birthday kids

There are various ways are there for the kid’s entertainment I will tell you some ideas for you

  1. Rent a caricature artist to draw the caricature of your guests
  2. Rent a portrait artist to draw the beautiful portraits
  3. Arrange a Birthday host to host your party
  4. If you have a bigger venue to celebrate then you can rent the bouncing castle, slides, etc..,
  5. You can plan for the standup comedy by renting an artist
  6. You can also arrange the magic show to entertain your guests
  7. You can show the video that tells the story of your child which will be awesome and while doing this you can also add the birthday wishes that came for your child as the video presentation
  8. Rent a tattoo artist to put some temporary tattoos for your guests

Things to be avoided in kids birthday party

Since it is going to be a birthday party for your kids you have to make certain things for safety.

If you are going to arrange certain entertainment activities or games try to arrange all the things within the hall or try to arrange these things closer to the parents which will be easy to supervise their kid while enjoying your party.

The next thing you have to do is making a birthday venue safer for all your guests. Because in many party venues the power sockets will not be in good conditions so before starting an event take a look at all your electronic things and entertainment things, for example, bouncy castle requires a high voltage current so if you are going to arrange to make sure about whether the wire connections are secure

If you are going to arrange the for the floating balloons then don’t try to fill it with flammable gases like Hydrogen always we recommend inflammable gases like helium to avoid the fire accidents at your birthday party.

Keep a first aid kit for your safety and try to avoid or cover the sharp edges of your decorating stuff.

These are things you have to keep in mind while planning the birthday party. If you follow these simple steps then you can make your kids birthday party as a rememberable one to most of your guests


********* Have a WONDERFUL PARTY **********

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