100+ Savage Emo Captions to Show Self Confidence

Gain more attention by adding the best emo captions for your photos, These emo captions will bring the life to you emo pics

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Emo Captions

Emo captions for Instagram

  1. This is old xd I did not even have my snake bites yet o.O
  2. Ey whoever sending me emergency pee bags, please stop
  3. Hello I am sorry I am having a boring face
  4. Feels like we only going backward
  5. Darlin’ I don’t wish you well
  6. If I get sick of myself, imagine other people…they hate me.
  7. There is no sunshine, just dark clouds and endless rain of tears…
  8. There is nothing above, there is nothing below
  9. All alone in the lonely world
  10. I think I’m dumb or maybe just happy!
  11. Either love me or leave me alone
  12. The funny face but I liked it
  13. Hello darling. It’s me your nightmare
  14. The devil is a loser and he’s my b*tch and you know I keep that b*tch on a leash
  15. What is coming is better than what is gone
  16. Follow the leader, the leader is blind.
  17. Please stay forever with me <3
  18. Always left with the same agony
  19. Oh my gosh, this day has been going so slow… I need a nap
  20. With my feelings on fire, Guess I’m a bad liar

Emo Captions For Instagram

  1. So finally I got a mullet 🙂
  2. I want a boy who thinks it sexy when my lipstick bleeds
  3. The walls we build to stop our hearts from crumbling
  4. I’m one of one, I don’t see any competition
  5. I Felt badass, might delete it later x
  6. Welcome to the black parade
  7. It’s hard being an angel
  8. Nothing left 2 say!
  9. When life is repressed, hate takes its place…
  10. I am a dumb teen boy, I eat sticks and rocks and mud
  11. I have no clue what this pose is I’m just a skeletal boi really
  12. I’ll put you in a folder, I’ll keep you in my mind
  13. You left like I was never a reason to stay
  14. Not always I have an emo fringe
  15. Better luck next time
  16. I want roses set on fire
  17. You are a little soul carrying around a corpse
  18. The pupils are getting wider and wider
  19. I wanna see what you are insides look like!!! I bet you are not f*ckin pretty on the inside
  20. Wy words cut deep, but the silence is deafening

Emo Captions For Pictures

  1. Said you needed this heart, then you got it: turns out that it was not what you wanted
  2. Ya’ll better this up I feel damn sexy for once
  3. Stay safe and don’t let rude judgemental people ruin your day!
  4. Slap me and call me a spooky stick insect
  5. Don’t let shitty people put you down. They will see you doing better and try to drag you down with them
  6. Wow I am outside, appreciate it b*tch
  7. Loving my rainbow hair
  8. Creepy cute girl just wanna have some fun
  9. I used to be love drunk but now I am hungover
  10. I’m satans lover
  11. Oh, look! It’s a thing that constantly dwells in the confine of its own room
  12. Your vampire baby <3
  13. Obsessed with these outfits though.
  14. I’m back from the dead, kinda LOL
  15. I just wanna be ok…
  16. Dark angel of the autumn
  17. Don’t u just wanna hug me
  18. I seriously love this photo of me
  19. I love my chubby cheeks!
  20. Bloodflower

Best Emo captions

Emo Instagram Captions

  1. Teen distortions survived abortion
  2. So tired!
  3. I never said to be like me, I say be like you
  4. I’m ready to face my disguise
  5. Take some time to focus on loving yourself for focus on who you are
  6. I am satans lover
  7. Life’s wack
  8. Think less, do more
  9. Oh, look! It’s a thing that constantly dwells in the confine of its own room
  10. They say home is where the heart is if that’s the case then I’ve never been home.
  11. I’ll pretend my ship is not sinking!
  12. Now come one, come all to this tragic affair
  13. It’s like against society
  14. What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person
  15. Apples really do be hittin’ different around fall time
  16. Pov: I am ghoul and you are walking down the street looking like a snack
  17. I hate myself yet I am a narcissist, I just want other people to say I’m cool.
  18. I stretched my septum to my goal size
  19. An angel of terror!
  20. Sold my soul for the designer

Emotional Emo Captions For Instagram

  1. Smile, because we are all mad here
  2. If you can’t hang then there’s the door baby
  3. I should just do it already… Why I am waiting
  4. When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into your enemies eyes
  5. Memories for the keeping
  6. Looking for goth or emo people to befriend
  7. Gn say it back!
  8. Take my hand and I’ll promise to love you till the day I fall.
  9. I honestly have finally started loving myself
  10. I think I am the greatest thing in the f*cking world and I think I’m the worst thing in the f*cking world
  11. Bury me six feet deep and turn me into a street
  12. Go get yourself free and disengage from reality!
  13. P u r e f a c a d e . . .
  14. Infinite darkness!
  15. I dd it, I have reached peak aesthetic
  16. I’m gonna break you!
  17. We all want a little fun in our lives
  18. Emo bunny boy! Because no one understands him
  19. I got my own ways of being out
  20. And you’ll always be on my mind
  21. Well, maybe… I don’t want to be the bad guy anymore…
  22. I am strange but yet lovable!
  23. Emptiness is safe to keep it that way
  24. I just want to be the one you love
  25. Back in my Lil emo days
  26. Once the water starts to rise, and heavens out of sight, she’ll want the devil on her team
  27. I bark and I bite, I’m the love of your life alright
  28. Not everyone in your life deserves a second chance for you!

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