150+ Lovable Dog Captions To show your love

Cute & Funny Dog Captions

Dogs are one of the best companions for humans and in nowadays dogs are considered as one of the family member by the dog lovers from all over the world Hence many of us would like to share the picture of our dogs in the social media

But Find the good dog captions for the pictures is not that much easy, Hence we have some of the best collection of cute and funny dog captions for Instagram 

By using any one of our best dog captions you can make your social media post to look unique than the other posts

Dog Captions

funny dog captions for instagram

  1. Wherever you go I go.
  2. You had me at woof
  3. I believe life is good but dogs make it better
  4. If the perfect best friend existed, it would be a dog!
  5. Love is a four-legged word…
  6. Love is wet nose and wagging tail
  7. When I needed a hand, I found your paw
  8. If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
  9. When I look into my dog’s eyes, I see love, I see trust, I see loyalty, I see a friend
  10. I’m so happy I can’t even keep my tongue in my mouth!
  11. The cute dog has a beautiful heart!
  12. I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.
  13. A dog will teach you, unconditional love. If you can have that in your life things won’t be bad.
  14. Never trust a person who doesn’t love dogs
  15. I bite on things because why not?
  16. Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies
  17. The most precious creature in this world
  18. I may not like hugs but I sure love treats!
  19. This is what a happy face looks like
  20. The average dog is a nicer person than the average person

Dog Captions For Instagram

  1. East or west my dog is the best
  2. Ready to conquer the day… Or the yard at least
  3. Being a good dog is not that much easy
  4. If I had to choose again, I’d still choose you!
  5. First, they steal your heart, then they steal your bed
  6. Life is not so bad when you have a dog by your side
  7. Yes, I am the dog and it is nice to meet you!
  8. Puppy dog eyes=  hoomans giving me belly rubs and treats
  9. Hugs not drugs
  10. Deep doggy thoughts!
  11. Taking a break from being naughty
  12. I did not sign up for this
  13. No more walking carry me
  14. Feelin’ kinda snoozy!!
  15. Today is a good day to do absolutely nothing!
  16. Life with a dog is different!
  17. Come ear, I have a secret!
  18. Hoomans are the worst, they say they love me they want to get rid of all my good smells
  19. Waiting for you to throw the ball
  20. wake up hooman i need breakfast!

Funny Dog Captions For Instagram

  1. I buried your car keys somewhere in the yard!
  2. Everything is food, right?
  3. Life would be ruff without you!
  4. Mission: Activate puppy eyes
  5. Pawsitive vibes!
  6. You know that fart was not me
  7. Hey come and sleep with me
  8. Kisses to you and everybody
  9. Treats are always the answer! What was the question again?
  10. I am getting cuter every day
  11. Look at this adorable face!
  12. Spoiler alert: I am really cute in every pic you take
  13. I’m home alone and completely boss over the tv
  14. Oh wait, I see a cat!
  15. Tongue out Tuesday!
  16. When my favorite food is on the way
  17. Do not enter in my zone
  18. The highest of laziness phase… its not my fault.. I only learned to sleep the whole day from my hoomans
  19. Do you want to play with me?
  20. Just a smile would brighten up your day

Cute Dog Captions For Instagram

  1. Perfect and beautiful
  2. I love you wifey! And your cheese bread!
  3. Scratch a dog and you will find a permanent job
  4. You have a friend in me
  5. Born to be wild
  6. Widest puppies!
  7. Live love bark
  8. My face when mamma tells me a good girl!
  9. Another happy day…. But so important to remember
  10. I’m not fat, I am just fluffy!
  11. I’m sexy and I know it!
  12. Take my paw and never let go
  13. Stop looking at my tongue
  14. I woof you all! Have a great day everyone!
  15. I was looking for shoulders but I found your paws!
  16. Pawrents asks so many questions
  17. Handle life like a dog. If you can’t eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away
  18. My ears are always up and I am ready for adventure.
  19. If you don’t like dogs, I don’t like you
  20. Hooman always think that I am always a supaw star

Dog Quotes For Instagram

short dog captions for instagram

  1. It was not me I swear….
  2. All of my kids have paws
  3. Its just pawsome!
  4. Today I played too much, but I am not tired, I beg for more play
  5. Look at these eyes, I know you see love
  6. The best therapist was Fur and Four legs
  7. A little pawsitivity goes a long way
  8. Life is better with friends but best with dogs
  9. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?
  10. Hey hooman… this belly is not gonna rub itself
  11. Keep your eye on the ball and the curl in your butt fluff
  12. Summertime- if you are not barefoot, you are overdressed.
  13. I love you with all my belly. I would say heart but my belly is bigger
  14. Smile more, worry less, works for me.
  15. A smile is a happiness you will find right under your nose
  16. Life is short and so are my legs
  17. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend… never had a dog…
  18. Love my dog more than anything…
  19. The cutest dog in the town
  20. True love exists in real and you can find them only in pets

Short Dog Captions For Instagram

  1. All we need is some faithful dog
  2. A dog without a home is like a body without a soul
  3. My dog  will be always there to greet you
  4. my mom, says that I am more than a dog is it true?
  5. As a dog, I can fix your stress and tension
  6. Happiness is like someone left the gate open
  7. My dog is my life
  8. This dog was created to steal all our hearts
  9. My dog is the best drug to my mental illness
  10. One perfect creature to show the essence of true love
  11. Ok, hoomans goog night! 
  12. Have a woofy dream! Good night
  13. There must no heaven without the dogs in it
  14. This four-legged creature is my best friend
  15. The only place where I find love for me is in my dog’s heart
  16. Loyal than most of the humans, Agree!
  17. The one true dog lover in this town!
  18. Don’t even think of eating my treats?
  19. My dog is my soul companion
  20. You cant find the best example for the word loyalty more than my dog

New puppy Instagram Captions

puppy captions for instagram

  1. I believe my hooman!
  2. I always woof you human
  3. My hoomans always touch my nose and say boop! I’m used to it now though!
  4. I am the king of your house
  5. Dog life around us
  6. I am actually a lion but my hooman put a spell on me
  7. Am pupper, your new floofy overlord, bow before me..,
  8. Be the extra in extraordinary
  9. Never a dull day when I am around
  10. Eyes brighter than your future don’t worry I will still be there for you!
  11. Life is short and the world is wide
  12. Life is better but the dogs can make it as the best
  13. Hop, jump. Bounce
  14. Dogs never hurt me, only human does
  15. Please!!! Somebody wag a tail for me!
  16. Allow yourself, to enjoy each happy moment in your life
  17. I will be in trouble daily to get rescued by this rescue guy
  18. Wetnose Wednesday!
  19. Suns out, tongues out!
  20. Paws off mom! Don’t you hekkin’ come near my bark bones crazy lady

Cute & Funny puppy Captions For Instagram

  1. Lets be FURiends FURever
  2. Can’t take my eyes off from my dog. Totally melting my heart
  3. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart
  4. My heart is much bigger than you think
  5. I bet! You cannot find the fake dog anywhere in this world!
  6. Be the dog and bring some sparkle wherever you go
  7. Who wants to play with me…
  8. I have got the eye of the tiger
  9. Its Doggie Style!
  10. Waitin for hooman to go for sleep
  11. Time to sleep!

I hope you have found the perfect dog captions for your photos, If you liked our dog captions collections share it on your social media to make your posts more appealing than the other posts with the ordinary dog captions.

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