70+ Crazy Captions that are not cringe

Looking for the best crazy captions for Instagram posts then you are in the right place to find the best one you can use these crazy captions for your photos to make your posts look more appealing and unique than others posts.

Crazy Captions

  1. Sugar and spice but mostly sugar
  2. Not knowing oneself, that’s the worst
  3. They laugh at you because you are different, I stare at them because they are all the same
  4. I am sure that if you send out a smile, you will get one back
  5. I only need a smile to turn around a bad day
  6. I came looking like a snack; it had better be your cheat day
  7. It is very crazy because it’s a different breed
  8. I have no time to battle egos and small minds
  9. Thinking! Please be patient
  10. I’m a thorn, I don’t pierce those that love me, I pierce those that step on me
  11. Listen to me – the human world is a mess
  12. Be silly, be different, be fun, be crazy
  13. When I get a different vibe, you get a different me
  14. I lost my teddy will you sleep with me
  15. No looking back
  16. wanted by many but taken by none
  17. Wondering why people are too crazy?
  18. Shine like the whole universe is yours
  19. Yes I am looking into your life
  20. The eye should learn to listen! Before it looks

Crazy Captions For Instagram

crazy captions for instagram friends

  1. If plan A did not work, the alphabet has 25 more letters
  2. I may not be perfect but I’m always me
  3. Something strange is happening
  4. Don’t be ashamed, any time, any place let him know that you got it like that
  5. Waiting for someone to bring me breakfast
  6. I want a crazy life
  7. Smile a little more regret a little less 
  8. Don’t talk, just act, don’t say, just show, don’t promise, just prove.
  9. An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough
  10. Silence is better than unnecessary drama
  11. When nothing goes right in life take left
  12. Everything is temporary dear
  13. Patience is key
  14. Sometimes you have to be creative
  15. Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right
  16. Crazy captions for girls
  17. Do I like him or he just tall
  18. No risk no magic
  19. She will either be the best thing that ever happened to you or the hardest lesson you ever happened
  20. I think crazy girls are not hard to find

short Crazy Captions For Pics

  1. Making everyday magical
  2. Have the courage to live life the way you want
  3. I’m really a sweet girl until you break my trust
  4. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect
  5. I have decided to look beyond the imperfections
  6. I always carry a little crazy with me because normal is boring
  7. Everything is easier if you are a little bit crazy
  8. Kiss me until I can’t speak life is too short to be normal stay weird!
  9. when you are the truth you ain’t worried about replicas
  10. The thing about smart people is they sound crazy to dumb people
  11. I am not psycho… I just like psychotic things

Crazy captions For Friends

  1. Love the people you can be crazy with
  2. Stressless and enjoy the best
  3. One word comments for these amazing unstoppable friends
  4. Its fun to be around these guys
  5. In the cookie of life friends like you are the chocolate chips
  6. Good times + crazy friends= great memories
  7. If they are not crazy I am not happy
  8. You simply cannot do epic things with crazy people
  9. Having a good time with some crazy friends
  10. It is our streak of craziness that has saved us from the extinction

Crazy Quotes For Instagram

  1. A group of friends is eviler than a devil
  2. You and I are crazy, we are like a small gang
  3. If you have crazy friends you have everything
  4. Sometimes you see beautiful people with no brains
  5. Tag your crazy one
  6. It is fun and joy when we all are together
  7. Happiness is having a crazy friend like this guy
  8. Good time and crazy friend makes the best memories
  9. Besides food, they are my favorite
  10. You are my spark in the dark
  11. You cannot do epic things with boring people

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