100+ Lovable California Captions to draw attention

Grab the attention to your posts by adding some of our best California captions for your photos taken in California, tell the world about your experience in the California by using the best California captions for Instagram.

California Captions

California captions for instagram

  1. Amazing California
  2. California – you have stolen my heart
  3. I have been caught by the beauty of California
  4. Advice from California: be positive and bright
  5. The golden hour is my favorite hour specially in California
  6. Life resets start with palm springs getaways
  7. Beautiful day in California
  8. Wonderful lakes + wonderful mountain = California
  9. Crushing on Cali 
  10. Happiness can be only found in California
  11. Feeling the California vibe
  12. East or west California is the best
  13. Never leaving from California
  14. Love this place in Cali
  15. California dreaming!
  16. This is how we live in California
  17. Do you know where in California you can enjoy this view?
  18. Have you been California? If so comment your favorite spot
  19. Postcard from California
  20. Just here for the ambiance

California Captions For Instagram

  1. Quick little selfie from California
  2. You don’t have to be lonely at California
  3. California – A piece of paradise!
  4. Beautiful on this planet is called as….. California
  5. I will always be a California girl.
  6. California is my favorite city
  7. You can find me only in California
  8. Sunrise in California
  9. We don’t have to move to mars anymore
  10. When you feel on the top of California peaks
  11. Get ready California, I’m coming for you
  12. Bright and beautiful
  13. Hello! I am from California
  14. Happy day at California so grateful for this life
  15. Hope you are having a magical day in California
  16. Next stop…. California! A place for achievers
  17. California: Blessed beyond measure
  18. Life in California!
  19. Stressless and enjoy the best
  20. California dreams are sweeter than candy

California Quotes For Instagram

  1. Ready to spent my whole life here!
  2. California Love.
  3. Just happy to be here
  4. California, ready or not here I comes
  5. California’s girls are unforgettable
  6. California trips are the best
  7. The best weekend in California beach
  8. Have you tried smiling with your eyes
  9. Nature is colorful, you can find it in California
  10. Get in loser, we are going for a ride
  11. I’m going going, back back, Cali Cali
  12. California days
  13. Thinking of California today
  14. Create and inspire around California
  15. The beautiful ending of a great day in California
  16. California – a little slice of paradise
  17. Oh look, another epic pic from California
  18. Go to the extra mile it’s never crowded
  19. Sorry California, we definitely brought the heat
  20. Its California babe!

Good California Captions

  1. My new neighborhood
  2. Perfection
  3. Contemplating my next move
  4. California – A golden state of mind
  5. I am going to wear this breezy and beautiful
  6. Pam tree vibes
  7. Surrounded by California vibes
  8. Lovely sunset at California beach
  9. Honey, your soul is golden
  10. An angel from California
  11. Somewhere in California
  12. Made in California
  13. My favorite place next to heaven
  14. A pure California soul
  15. More than living!
  16. Welcome to California!
  17. California Forever!
  18. Got kissed by the sun in California
  19. A long weekend in California
  20. Red skies make for great pictures

Cute California Captions

Instagram California captions funny

  1. I could be here this all-day
  2. Life is good at Cali
  3. The true essence of California is here
  4. East or west life in Cali is the best
  5. Surround yourself with the things you love
  6. My dreams came true here in California.
  7. Let’s talk about my California trip!
  8. A whole frickin’ vibe, a day in California
  9. In the love of California
  10. Catch some California vibe
  11. The coolest place to spend in California
  12. West coast sunsets are the best ones in California
  13. Let’s see the wonders in California
  14. California is the place where I lost my heart
  15. California is always a good idea
  16. There’s no place like California
  17. The perfect place to take the best shot in Cali
  18. California is the best to spend the rest!
  19. Don’t worry! I’m a California soul
  20. California is my favorite place to live

Funny California Captions

  1. Pure hearts can be only found in California!
  2. Bring some more breeze, please!
  3. California adventure stars here!
  4. Summer in California!
  5. Don’t judge California by its look!
  6. Feel your presence
  7. Only California!
  8. Yup! California is not just an illusion.

These some of the most famous California captions for Instagram posts, so use some of these California captions for your photos and make your post more appealing

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