230+ Savage Badass Captions That hit different to describe yourself

Badass Captions For Photos

Do you want to share your photos with some of best badass captions, in the whole internet then don’t worry you can find the perfect badass captions for your photos in the below collection.

Use the badass captions from our website to make your posts more unique from others, Since These badass captions are taken from various sources you can gain more attention from your friends and followers so make your photos more appealing by adding the below Badass captions for Instagram

 Badass Captions

Badass captions

  1. Dirty mind dirty clothes
  2. She’s just real and precious
  3. men, she’s the woman your mothers warned you about!
  4. The badass girl right!
  5. I’d prefer life in 80’s teen movie
  6. I am not a princess so I don’t need to save
  7. Looking at my goals like: I am coming for you
  8. She’s a badass kinda girl not understood by many
  9. She gets what she wants because she works for it
  10. Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear
  11. Yes I am a nice person, but if you cross the line too many times everything can change very quickly
  12. A vibe no one can replace
  13. I am a strong badass chick with class and confidence
  14. She knows who she is fearlessly owning it
  15. Today, be the badass girl you were too lazy to be yesterday
  16. It is always better to be rude than sorry
  17. And am a sucker of pain, it ain’t nothing but pain
  18. Blossoming into the more badass woman with more faith than fear
  19. I do a thing called what I want
  20. Can we talk about how ridiculous the term “Tomboy” is?

Badass Captions For Instagram

badass captions for instagram

  1. Be wild and free
  2. My existence is not about how desirable you find Mr!
  3. It’s ok if you don’t like me not everyone has the good taste
  4. Are you living life just enough to not lose?
  5. It’s ok to be the strongest person in the room, baby girl
  6. Why fit into someones limiting narrative when you are magically dynamic
  7. I call this my Boss ass b*tch look
  8. I am ready. I am  back and I got this
  9. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay then it’s not the end
  10. Create your own reality
  11. Badass b*tch is back
  12. Trying to be a badass with a good ass
  13. I want it all
  14. I am queen so don’t worry I got this shit & handled
  15. Hope everyone has a bomb ass week this week
  16. Hands up, stoke chasin, hair flow in kinda am vibe
  17. Beauty is only skin deep but my attitude is deeper than my bone
  18. So glad to be a great mess!
  19. We think this shot shows a woman on a mission. It’s badass!
  20. Stay classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy

Badass Quotes For Instagram

  1. All I do is upgrade
  2. i win some and I lose some but I never cared about them
  3. Licensed to Kill
  4. No one is perfect including you
  5. I am sorry to anyone I have been shitty with in the past.in any way
  6. Don’t hate me for no reason come here I will give you the reason
  7. Keep your head up and heart strong
  8. We are how much we love ourselves
  9. Stand fierce ad stand proud
  10. Serving looks, but not tea
  11. Make yourself proud, F*CK every one else
  12. My day starts with a good attitude
  13. Who runs the world ….. Girls
  14. Trust no player, fear no b*tch
  15. Knowing you are badass b*tch is just all what life is about
  16. I have many faces…this is one of them
  17. Admire me from a distance
  18. If I was you I will have a crush on me too
  19. They just don’t make em like memo more
  20. I am just saying you could be better

Short Badass Captions For Instagram

short badass captions for instagram

  1. They can steal your recipe but the sauce won’t taste the same
  2. I love me enough for the both of us
  3. I come with a side of trouble
  4. You can’t compete where you cany compare
  5. Find me where the wild things are
  6. Good girl, bad b*tch to attitude
  7. Being happy never goes out of style
  8. She too raw to be treated like a regular girl
  9. Little efforts lots of attention
  10. When I ain’t me, I want you crying
  11. I ain’t moving weight but I’m in a dope position
  12. Be lowkey and let them wonder
  13. For me its just vibes
  14. Simple but ain’t nun basic about me
  15. Scroll to see a cute guinea pig…
  16. Make me angry to face your worst nightmare
  17.  I am rare to find but you never think of coming back
  18. Love me or hate me but you are not gonna get anything
  19. My middle finger is always there for you
  20. I never insult anyone I am just the reflection of their attitude

Badass Captions For Guys

badass captions for friends

  1. A badass without a cute heart
  2. Don’t you know devils have no heart
  3. With the smile of an angel and thoughts of a devil
  4. I don’t need you to survive
  5. Queen doesn’t need kings all they need is love
  6. I don’t forget that’s my way of forgiving people
  7. I am not loyal to anyone and sure I don’t betray anyone
  8. An idiot can beat a genius only dreams
  9. I don’t need your opinions to survive
  10. Look at my eyes and say it like a brave soul
  11. Your attitude is nothing in front of mine
  12. You cannot hold me to spread the love
  13. I gonna shine and you can’t stop it!
  14. I am against ego so don’t use it against me
  15. I can withstand betrayals especially if it comes due to love
  16. Devil don’t need your opinions to hurt you
  17. I am the combination of freedom and attitude
  18. You cant buy me for the money
  19. I don’t need you because I am far better than your thoughts
  20. I am a badass and I know how to use a weapon, so run for your lives

Badass Captions For Pictures

  1. Run for your lives with fear in your heart
  2. This is how it looks like after understanding nothing can stop you
  3. Even the sun doesn’t need anyone to shine
  4. I am like the sun so I can shine on my own
  5.  I earned this life for me
  6. If you have the dare then you are welcome to say it on my face
  7. Don’t be a kid to judge me, I am beyond your explanation
  8.  I am not something, I am the only thing
  9. Don’t get addicted to me!
  10. Don’t play me if you don’t want to get hurt!
  11. This is not just my attitude it’s my way of life!
  12. Don’t compare me with the idiots like you
  13. I don’t like lies especially if it was told against me
  14. Sweet like sugar and bitter than your attitude
  15. Bad guys are not born, they are the products of this society
  16. Accept me! Then you will understand my world.
  17. I am proud to announce that I am free from devils
  18. Don’t love me because you would not get that back
  19. I don’t need weapons to fight, because weapons are for the weak
  20. Don’t steal me with your eyes

Badass Captions For Girls

badass captions for girls

  1. I am not alone my attitude is with me
  2. Beware against Fake smiles
  3. I’m not low because you are not high
  4. Don’t try to get my attention because you are not worth it!
  5. Blessed with good soul to punish bad ones
  6. I am not available to anyone
  7. Don’t judge me by your opinions
  8. I am the god’s own property
  9. Rewriting my destiny
  10. You can’t control me
  11. No one is boss to anyone
  12. Don’t say it, just do it
  13. Girls are like money you have to earn them
  14. You cant steal me because you are not worth it
  15. Chill dudes its just the starting
  16. I am hard to explain!
  17. I don’t want to prove myself to anyone
  18. Winners focus on goals losers focus on winners
  19. I am hot and yes you know that
  20. Getting older means becoming more badass!

Badass Captions For Selfies

  1. Don’t waste your time by advising me
  2. Being lonely is not my problem its just my attitude
  3. Love me or hate me but don’t think I believe you
  4. I believe in hell because that’s where I born
  5. Don’t even think about messing with me with your childish attitude
  6. Killer girl with a hidden demonic smile
  7. Don’t try to fly without me because you need angels to lift
  8. You can trust me more than heaven but still, I won’t believe you like hell
  9. If you want respect for your attitude then get away from me!
  10. Don’t worry I am still a good girl with demon thoughts
  11. Sometimes you cannot find the difference between the beauty and the beast, or DO you?
  12. I am a furious beast waiting to eat your attitude!
  13. Don’t spend your time being hate a good heart like
  14. Even god knows I am not Bossie!
  15. I am kind but not for your foolishness!
  16. You cannot defeat me with your attitude
  17. I am bossie you trashy!
  18. Don’t fill me with your foolish thoughts
  19. You want the vibe I can provide it
  20. Keep your face to the sun and you will never to see the shadows

Badass Captions For Instagram Pictures

best badass captions for instagram

  1. Mission: Badass mode, accomplished
  2. I am the money, you like ATM
  3. Touch only with your eyes
  4. Hello 911 am on fire
  5. You become what you eat so I decided to eat my attitude
  6. Let me rest for a while when I come into your dream again
  7. Talking less, being more
  8. If you got it, flaunt it, boy I know you want it
  9. Don’t jealous of me
  10. Look so good yeah look so sweet baby you deserve a treat!
  11. Be classy, sassy, and a little smart
  12. I could be the first to set you free
  13. She pretty on the media, but look better in person
  14. Badass vibes!
  15. People hate what they don’t understand!
  16. Targeted: if karma doesn’t hit you, I happy to do it for karma
  17. Can’t forget that I am golden
  18. I hate this with a passion but its ok
  19. Being a badass!
  20. What goes around comes around

New Badass Captions

  1. Classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy…
  2. She’s beauty, she is grace, she will kick your a** like a  badass
  3. Most of the enemies you have, are people you once helped in life
  4. I hope you have a great day without your a** kicked
  5. Lions don’t sound like a human
  6. Pain temporary and comedy is forever for me!
  7. Never settle less than you deserve
  8. I am more than this but you won’t understand
  9. All we do is think about the feelings we hide…
  10. She is a warrior capable of slaying the demons in life
  11. I am not staring, you are staring at me
  12. Stay wild, never let them tame you!
  13. Bad to the bone
  14. Girls, you are a badass!
  15. Shut the F*CK up!
  16. Baddest badass in this world
  17. Bad witch vibes
  18. Evolving into the doper version of myself and it is beautiful
  19. Hotter than hell and cooler than you
  20. Judge me when you are perfect!

Short Badass Captions

  1. Being a badass is complex
  2. No shame!
  3. As a child, you first learn how to walk and talk.
  4. The seat still and shut up!
  5. You are not a ruler to measure me
  6. People, all they know is backstabbing!
  7. Time to recline the shine
  8. Just a girl with a badass attitude
  9. Bosses don’t wait for someone to change the rules, they write them
  10. Be strong when you are weak, be brave when you are scared
  11. The goal is to die with memories not dreams
  12. She is a little sass with a lot of badasses
  13. Call me guac cuz iam extra
  14. Looks are not everything, but I have them. you know just in case
  15. Not gonna lie – I felt like a badass today
  16. Be brave!
  17. A girl should be two things who and what she wants
  18. I am not heartless I just learned how to use my heart less
  19. I think you forgot that devils have no feelings
  20. No more damn feelings
  21. I won’t let you do stupid feelings
  22. I don’t need a crown to be your queen
  23. It’s not necessary to prove all the things
  24. I don’t need your service
  25. Always smile because it always confuses them
  26. Your attitude is everything
  27. Don’t think you can run away from my nose
  28. I can’t stop being awesome… it is in my blood
  29. When a negative thought enters your mind, think three positive ones
  30. You already know it
  31. Cute but not innocent
  32. Sorry, I can’t hear you
  33. Stay strong and make them wonder how you handled it!

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