300+ Lovable New Born Baby Captions to Express Your love

Baby captions

Are you looking for the perfect baby captions to Announce the birth of your baby to this world, then don’t worry because your are in the right place to choose the best baby captions for Instagram posts

you can use the below baby captions for your Instagram posts to gain attention from your friends and followers, so use the suitable baby captions for your photos to get the lots of positive feedback

New Born Baby Captions

  1. You are the proof that love before first sight does exist
  2. A sleeping baby is the new happy hour
  3. We are over the moon and so in love
  4. Soon to be Mom!
  5. When your baby smiles the whole world brightens up
  6. We are loving this warmer together
  7. My little prince with is gorgeous mommy
  8. Little cutie pie!
  9. The day I came home
  10. The handsome one!

New Born Baby Boy Captions For Instagram

Baby captions for Instagram

  1. I believe you! Mama.
  2. Hi, I’m new here what about you
  3. Where’s my mama?
  4. Do you see my dad?
  5. The only survivor of millions
  6. I am too Magical.
  7. Love you more than the moon
  8. Yes, you are right! I am so cute
  9. Don’t steal me with your eyes
  10. My little eyes are watching you
  11. You will be his first kiss, his first love his first friend. you are his mama and he is your whole world.
  12. Oh boy you melt my heart, I love being your mama
  13. His smile. I just can’t get enough of it!
  14. This handsome guy is my buddy for life.
  15. I am so happy he chose me to be his mom!
  16. My greatest blessing in life is this Boy
  17. This is me and my favorite boy
  18. My little man
  19. I am falling more in love with this little love every single day
  20. I am truly the luckiest mom in the world to have a boy like him

New Born Baby Girl Captions

  1. I was made with happiness and grace
  2. I am the one who brings happiness to me.
  3. I am the hope of my parents
  4. I only cry when you hold me wrong
  5. Holding me will make you feel like having a magic wand in your hand
  6. I am a little ray of sunshine
  7. Naptime is my happy hour
  8. More beautiful than angels in heaven Agree
  9. Nothing else can come in between the mother and her child
  10. I am ready to poop again?

Cute New Born baby Captions For Instagram

  1. Can you change my diaper?
  2. don t stare at me I think that smell is coming from my dad
  3. Small things can bring heaven to your home
  4. Miracle from heaven
  5. The little one with big dreams
  6. Hey, I am an angel without wings
  7. You can tie me with the love in your heart
  8. Milk is my favorite!
  9. You are my magical sunshine with hidden rainbows in it,
  10. Don’t wake me up

Funny New Born Captions

Newborn baby captions for instagram

  1. Let me sleep! All-day
  2. I am the bi-product of love
  3. Love has no limits
  4. I am so glad to meet you
  5. Perfect baby with a gorgeous smile
  6. Call me a Miracle!
  7. Finally, I found the way to a home
  8. Getting ready to face this world
  9. Only true love can hold me
  10. I am a cute little stress buster so try me!

Cute Newborn Captions

  1. Yup, it’s me! Don’t look, just smile
  2. The miracle of my life is with me in my arms
  3. Beautiful babies just Don’t cry
  4. I know, I am gorgeous than my mom
  5. The prettiest doll in human history!
  6. Hey baby! You are godamn gorgeous
  7. Don look at me, or I will steal all your love
  8. My baby is my destiny
  9. Once Fallen star from the sky but now rising as a baby in my arms
  10. The little thief who stole all our hearts
  11. I find the perfect place to live
  12. Babies are my new sunshine
  13. Smile that’s what I need to give to my baby

Baby Boy Announcement Captions

  1. It’s a boy!!! So excited!
  2. Happiest with you!
  3. My happiness
  4. He is my cute little Sonshine
  5. Oh my god he looks so cute
  6. Its a boy
  7. Hello there pretty boy
  8. Unconditional love
  9. My little boy!
  10. He’s my mini-me.do not tell me he does not look like me I will fight hahaha…

Baby Boy Captions From Mom

  1. New favorite picture of my boy
  2. My favorite photo of our boy ever
  3. Love my son
  4. A boy was born
  5. This is our little prince
  6. The universe took its time on you crafted you to offer the world

Baby Girl Captions For Instagram

Baby Girl captions for instagram

  1. So tiny, but adorable
  2. Hello, there pretty girl!
  3. My sweet little girl!
  4. Oh, this sweet child of mine…she’s absolutely gorgeous
  5. Oh my goodness, how I love you so much
  6. Hey beautiful angel
  7. Some things are priceless, like the smile of my girl
  8. I love this little girl so much
  9. Such a sweet little lady
  10. She is the world to me!
  11. Watch me grow!
  12. A daughter is always the princess in the house no matter how old she is!
  13. Cuteness alert
  14. Look at this little doll who brings happiness to us!
  15. My little world
  16. My precious little lady!
  17. Such a miracle in such a little girl
  18. Girl babies make everything better, am I right?
  19. She is the love of my life.
  20. You shine little baby girl
  21. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
  22. The one where she arrives
  23. Art of being a girl
  24. Our little angel
  25. Never give up! Little heroine
  26. There’s nothing more fulfilling than holding your little itty bitty baby and seeing her smile while shes cuddled up with you
  27. She doesn’t want to be separated
  28. With my baby girl
  29. World in hand
  30. Happy face
  31. A wonderful miracle
  32. Baby girl got her first pic
  33. Chasing sunset with our girl 
  34. Soo cute Yes or No?
  35. Describe her in one word
  36. Baby girl
  37. Now I started to believe in angels
  38. Our baby girl is so gorgeous
  39. Loaded with cuteness
  40. You are my favorite girl till the end of my life!
  41. She is a miracle sent from heaven
  42. My cute little honey bee
  43. Girl with the beautiful smile
  44. My queen, my princess, and my everything
  45. She completes me!
  46. Baby girl is getting ready for the big adventure!
  47. Thank you for being my daughter!
  48. Getting ready to learn some new lessons
  49. She teaches us to become happy
  50. Without my little girl, my life will be nothing
  51. Suggest any captions for the pic of my sweetie!
  52. Hi world
  53. My queen
  54. Cuteness overloaded!
  55. As pretty as a flower
  56. Just adorable
  57. Lovely
  58. My heart
  59. Adorable angel
  60. My love forever
  61. It’s a girl!
  62. Sent from heaven
  63. My little girl shine
  64. Daddy’s little princess
  65. I don’t want to be a strict mom
  66. The new member of a little family

Baby Selfie Captions

  1. Spread love! My baby is coming
  2. Preparing to be a great dad for my child
  3. My child is my world
  4. I can do all the best things for my child
  5. Our little superhero has just born today
  6. Hello! Little champion
  7. Don’t worry my child  I will be there for you always
  8. Waiting for an unlimited adventure
  9. You are my little sunshine
  10. All I need is the everlasting smile on your face

Photo with baby Captions

  1. I know you will make me proud one day
  2. My child is here to increase happiness in our life
  3. Getting ready to break the barriers in this society!
  4. My love won’t be a barrier for you my child!
  5. It’s time to take some selfie with my cute little baby!
  6. You are my everything
  7. I will give whatever you want if it was good for you
  8. I promise you that we will be the best mother and father for you
  9. Nothing is bigger than you!
  10. My first priority!

Welcome Baby Captions For Instagram

  1. You are born to bring happiness to this world
  2. Thank you for promoting us to be the Awesome parents
  3. Parenting is not a job its the responsibility
  4. Parent of a cute little baby!
  5. Babies are the stars in every family
  6. So cute! Very tough to handle. But I like it!
  7. You completed us!
  8. Sweet little cute baby

Baby Boy Captions For Instagram

Baby boy captions for instagram

  1. He is godamn gorgeous!
  2. My little champion
  3. He is enough to make the smile on my face
  4. I will be with you forever!
  5. He is going to give us some unforgettable sweet memories!
  6. He belongs to heaven
  7. My cute little prince
  8. My little brave man!
  9. My son is my favorite
  10. He is our only SonShhine!
  11. He is the creator of happiness in my family
  12. When I cry he will make me laugh
  13. He brings heaven to this earth for me
  14. He is my SON
  15. The perfect gift from the GOD
  16. This boy made the beautiful Impact on our lives
  17.  My son is my favorite
  18. Nothing is better than him
  19. My world is incomplete without my son
  20. From now on! You are my only Favourite

One word Baby Boy Captions

  1. My SON
  2. Grace of god
  3. The favorite one
  4. Precious!
  5. Valuable than money
  6. Nothing is better than him
  7. Overloaded sweetness
  8. You are Awwwwwsome
  9. Filled with hapiness
  10. Smile of heaven

Best one Word Baby Captions

  1. Newborn baby
  2. Hi champ
  3. You are cho chweet
  4. Oh my little thing
  5. Bright eyes
  6. Awesome!
  7. Born with happiness
  8. Gods favorite sent
  9. Gift from heaven
  10. Gorgeous
  11. The only emperor
  12. Welcome home!
  13. So happy to see you.
  14. The adventure begins here!
  15. Welcome to the family!
  16. You made this day.
  17. Finally, you visited us!
  18. No more waiting,
  19. Don’t worry I will never let you fall!
  20. Welcome home, my true love!
  21. I will show you this world

Baby Photo Captions

Baby captions for instagram

  1. You are my dream
  2. You are my bestie from now on.
  3. My favorite toy
  4. The true soul to spend my life with
  5. Love of my life
  6. Best find in my life
  7. My soul is for you
  8. My heart is beating for you
  9. I trust you more than anyone
  10. My favorite superhero.

Baby Shower Captions

  1. What is a baby shower without the guest star himself?
  2. The jewel of the sky is the sun and the jewel of the house is the child
  3. A little cutie is on the way!!!
  4. Can’t wait to step into the new life chapter with you
  5. Hello baby you are so loved and celebrated already
  6. Welcome sweet baby!!!
  7. A baby is brewing
  8. Life is full of surprises with precious gifts
  9. literally y about to pop I know this phrase is so cliche but I had to post it
  10. Let me love you a little more  before you are not little anymore

Baby Shower Captions For Instagram

  1. Twinkle twinkle little star cant wait to see how adorable you are
  2. Its time to say goodbye to tummy, and say hello to mummy
  3. My little one is going to bring so much fun
  4. A brand new baby is on the way
  5. All the time you wondered and wondered, who is the person coming/growing/floating/swimming deep, deep inside
  6. Ready to pop! Any time now!
  7. The little one is on its way!
  8. I am still mind-blowing there is a little baby girl growing in there
  9. Preparing to fall in our love of a lifetime
  10. A precious little one is on the way
  11. Girl or boy, you will bring much joy
  12. Can’t wait to welcome my love
  13. Who are you inside?
  14. A great joy is coming   
  15. Congrats me! For my upcoming baby
  16. In another couple of weeks, we will be having our baby with us
  17. Can’t wait to meet my baby
  18. A gorgeous mom to be
  19. Baby in bloom
  20. Baby shower bliss!
  21. Showered today with so much love baby boy is already so loved
  22. I am already in love with you before you come to this world

Cute Captions For Baby Shower

baby shower captions for instagram

  1. I can barely wait to meet you!
  2. Hey little guy we are running out of the womb here
  3. I love you so much already my little cutie!
  4. The most beautiful mommy to be inside and out
  5. Aw, look at my glow can’t wait to see you, little man!
  6. What a beautiful little family, about to grow
  7. The bump is out and in full effect
  8. It’s official we are having a baby!
  9. Waiting to give birth to the miracle
  10. I will love you like today forever
  11. I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms
  12. Today you are you, that’s truer than true. there is no one alive who is better than you
  13. Don’t steal my baby with your eyes
  14. Can’t get enough of this family!
  15. Prince or princess? Who will it be?
  16. My baby is on the way to start an adventure
  17. Such a beautiful and blessed day
  18. Baby shower…. Future parents
  19. A light shower for our future little cutie today
  20. Baby we cannot wait to meet you
  21. A day to remember!
  22. Soon! – A grand adventure was about to happen
  23. The adorable baby inside!
  24. There’s a new baby in town….almost?
  25. He or She? What will the baby be?
  26. It’s a boy? Or it’s a girl?
  27. Can’t wait to be the mother
  28. Oh, baby!! Love this baby shower vibe 
  29. Waiting for our little cutie!
  30. Time for the baby shower

I hope you have found the best baby captions and baby shower captions from the above collection to use in your Instagram

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