About Us

About us

Welcome to seekers nation, I created this website to help the people to share their photos with the proper captions to get more attention and engagement from their friends and followers. 

The caption collections you are reading in this website are collected from various sources, you can use these captions and quotes in your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc…,

By using these captions in your social media accounts you can make your posts more appealing and unique.so use the suitable captions for your photos from our website to achieve more posts reach and gain more attention from your friends & followers.

Know About My Life Style

                                   vallalar chidambaram ramalingam

I am the Follower of Vallalar alias Chidambaram Ramalingam, who is the founder of Samarasa Suddha Sanmarga Sangam 

Actually i know about vallalar through my friend before that i dont know about him, But afterwards when i started to google about vallalar, I learned a lot from his life. one simple example is life I realized that “GOD is ONE and the ways (religions) are only different” so “Believe in God but Not on religions” 

Once Vallalar said that the path of compassion and mercy are the only path to God.

If you have the spare time you can definitely check about Vallalar, and i am pretty damn sure after reading about vallalar definitely you will like him, so dont forget to check about my Guru Arutprakasa Vallalar

Thank you for spending your time on my website and dont forget to know about vallalar, Because as the humans we all must know about him, After knowing about Vallalar definitely You are going to thank me for the rest of your life for sure.

And one interesting fact: “He never died” find out why, by reading his life and also know about the inspiration of Madame Blavatsky who was the founder of Theosophical society 

Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar “The name every human should know”. 

Arutperum Jothi Arutperum Jothi Thaniperum karunai Arutperumjothi


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